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"How I leverage influencer relationships to grow 6 figure followings and massive brands"
Who Am I?
Self-made entrepreneur, influencer marketing and personal branding expert, I have successfully helped entrepreneurs, brands and businesses explode their brands by combining new age exposure (Instagram/Podcasts) with an aggressive PR/Outreach team to create massive brands. My network of over 2000 influencers and a network of over 90+ million followers on Instagram, allows us to create viral campaigns/giveaways. The best place to start? Read my ebook to learn the power of using loop giveaways and influencer shoutouts and jump start your brand!

What Are Your Credentials?
Aside from building a massive network, our agency New Hollywood works with the biggest brands across the entertainment, fashion, technology and music industries which allow us to create winning partnerships. My influencer marketing background has been published in NASDAQ, New York Journal, MSNBC, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and more. The best way to launch your brand? Start with your Instagram presence.
Instagram is the most important platform in the world, and it’s only getting bigger. The truth is, if you only have 500 followers on Instagram, people will immediately write you off. My goal is to get you booked on top publications, the biggest podcasts in the world and land bigger deals by building your brand. Even if you are an expert, your credibility gets questioned if you don’t have a large audience.
After we build your following and get your brand a PRESENCE on Instagram, we then focus on your niche! A large following is great, but a large, ENGAGED following in your niche is powerful. Now that you have some social credibility we can begin our large direct shoutouts through some of the most impactful brands on Instagram.
Then What?
Getting media exposure provides the credibility your brand needs to go from Instagram credibility, to real social credibility. Our years of experience can help craft your story and potentially get you published. Our clients have been featured on some of the biggest publications/media brands in the world including Entrepreneur, NY Journal, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and more. That kind of exposure then helps us leverage your brand for events/press releases, media bookings, podcast appearances and more.
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